Founded in 1985, we have produced and exported galvanized steel wire,galvanized steel strand,PC wire,PC strand,oil temper steel wire,spiral rib steel wire,wire rope,iron wire,flat wire,stay wire etc. for many years.

Main products and purpose

Steel Wire Rope for Aviation

Airplane operation and control rope , resistance parachute rope hauling target rope , control rope for civil cars or vehicals , matorcycles and bicycles

Steel Wire Rope for Elevator

Lifting,balance , speed limiter , car door control , braker , etc

Galvanzied Steel Strands

Overhead earth wire for power transmission line

Support , pull , suspension , hanging , etc

Galvanzied Steel Wire

Steel core for A.C. S.R. , support line for communication wires or cables

Ungalvanized Steel Wire Rope

Liffing , mining sites , binding , etc

Steel Wire for Prestressed Concrete

Prestressed concrete rail sleepers , channels , power line poles , etc

1 X7P C Strand ( Normal or low relaxationOther Steel Wire Ropes and Steel Wires
Manufacture upon requests of customers
  • Railway

  • Bridge

  • car

  • mechanical

  • engineering

  • pasture

  • vineyard

  • building

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