Galvanized steel wire

Galvanized wire is mainly used in various industries to bind wire, wire mesh weaving and so on.

Used for fastening silk: To process into buckle silk.Hook the two rings of the buckle with the hook tool and tighten them in one direction.

Used in screen industry: can be processed into electric welding net, hook flower net, wire mesh, fence net, barbed wire, mesh, mesh basket,etc

Steel strand

Steel strand mainly used for lifting, traction, tensioning and carrying, such as: tower crane coal mine elevator ship crane and so on

PC wire

The main application of pc wire:
commercial high-rise buildings, geotechnical reinforcement, foundation pit support, multi-storey parking garage, sports venues, aircraft sheds, railway sleepers, highway and railway viaduct, suspension bridge, etc

Black Annealed wire

Black annealed wire is mainly used as industrial wire, construction wire, industrial bale tie wire and constructional tie wire, such as cut wire, U type wire, coil wire, etc

Oil temper steel wire

Oil temper steel wire application: springs used in auto, or some small size in brush or textile process

Flat wire

Flat wire mainly used for aerospace guidance system and military alloy flat steel wire, timer spring, automobile wiper frame and textile industry widely used needle cloth rack, reed and steel sheet heald and other textile equipment

Brass Coated Steel Wire

Brass coated steel wire is mainly used for the various production and research department of the national economy, for example: Machine manufacturing, electronics, precision instruments, chemical, light

Industry, transportation, weapons, aerospace, atomic energy, and so on

steel wire rod

Steel wire rod main application: mainly used for processing and manufacturing carbon spring steel wire, oil quenching and tempering carbon spring steel wire, prestressed steel wire, high strength quality carbon structure steel wire, galvanized steel wire, galvanized steel wire rope, etc

Optical Fiber cable

Laminated Metal Plastic Strip for Communication Cable and Optical Fibare Cable
Two material  categories
Part1:Aluminum-plastic strip
Part2:Laminated Steel plastic strip

steel wire

Range of application:
(1). mattress spring
(2). compression spring
(3). extension spring
(4). torsion spring
(5). mechanical spring
(6). wire forms or Senior suspension spring
(7). core of controlling cable
(8). connecting wire
(9). hard needle
3. Specifications:
(1). 0.30mm-13.00mm to comply with DIN17223-1-1984 Class B
(2). 0.30mm-14.00mm to comply with EN10270,DIN17223-1-1984 Class C
(3). 0.30mm-2.00mm to comply with DIN17223-1-1984 Class D
(4). 0.30mm-13.00mm to comply with ASTM-A227 grade I and II
(5). lightly-oiled or heavily-oiled subject to requirement.
(6). Other standards are subject to requirements, such JIS